giovedì 19 aprile 2012

Russian Venezuelan Project: Final meeting - presentation

04-18-2012 We had the final meeting where we presented our works. Lamentably not all the Russians students could been in the meeting because they get confused by the date. Specially my Russian partner Lera. But 4 of us (in the Venezuelan side) could present our works. This is my PP presentation: We used WizIQ and Skype to make our online conference, it was a very good opportunity to know other people that our teacher Doris invited, and a great activity to practice the language with people who were in a highest level of knowledge. If the teacher from Russia can read this I want to say to her: Thank you for all. Specially because it was an excellent job with my teacher Doris and a good effort considering that we have 11 hours and a half less of difference in time use. It was too late for they when we started the meetings but I think all of they, teacher and students did it great job. Also I want to thanks my partner Lera, she works with me in the presentation and brought to me some photos of Omsk and herself that are in there. It was a shame that she couldn't stay in the meeting but I hope to get another opportunity to work with her or with the other students and their teacher Olga. Thank you guys, thanks a lot Teacher Doris, You bring us and excellent activity to improve our knowledge in the language, and a great opportunity to meet people in the other side of the world.

martedì 17 aprile 2012

The Home Project: Day 3. Last day.

04/10/2012: We talked about holidays, specially about Easter that was the recent holiday. Also we talked about our cultures traditions, hobbies and music. Here are two mindmap about our hobbies, sports and music genres we like. In the table are the special holidays of our countries. They have particularity that their Xmas and New Year are in January because in the Orthodox religion use the antique Julian calendar.

The Russian Venezuelan Project: Day 2

March 27, 2012: we talk about the video "HOME" from the ecological group called "Home Project". It's a documentary about the changes in the world since it creation/ appearance in the universe, and old the things that the humans did and do changing our "Home" and make it into a difficult place to live. 
A lot of people living in slums and suburbs; forest and desert are now cities or part of fabrics and factories.

"I was impressed by how dirty is the air people breathe in different countries. Our city is dirty, because in our city there oil factory" said Lera about his city and the contamination in there.

I think it’s a very common and uncontrolled problem in the world the differences between the rich and pours. So many countries build large building, while others living between the waste of the others. The people can make their.

Also the technology is becoming in big agent of pollution and contamination. Talking with Lera she said to me that her country like a oil producer, makes a lot of pollution, the air is very dirty in Russia because of that.

Also Maracaibo and Venezuela are victim of the increase of technology and the production of energy based in Oil.

Also we talked about the technology there not a much differences between Russia and Venezuela or Maracaibo and Omsk between technological gadgets and devices but is curious that here in Venezuela the brand Blackberry it's almost the most known one and there, at least in Omsk it's not known. I think it's good because says that the people in there are not worried about this stuff.
Like for us, for they some gadgets and devices like Ipads, Ipods,  another tablets and mp3's are very expencives and not a lot of people can buy one of those.

The Russian Venezuelan Project: Day 1

Last Wednesday (March 20) we had a meeting with some students of Russia, the are from the city of Omsk in the east of the country. We met each others and divided in pairs and groups. On the Russian side there were two students and, in the  Venezuelan side were three students.

I'm working with Lerochka Smetanina (Lera), She is 18 years old, live with her mother and grandmother (and her cat). She is a History and Theory of International Relations student at the Omsk State University of Fyodor Dostoevsky.

About her country: Russia is a very cold country. They only have hot weather in the summer.  She loves the summer and warm climate and wait every year for the summer, what is her favorite season of the year.

mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

Top Ten Movies

Top ten Movies.-
 Theese are for me the best movies of all times:

#10:  Forrest Gump

#9: Heartbreak ridge

#8: What Dreams May Come

#7: Braveheart

#6: 300

#5: Finding Forrester

#4: Back to the Future III

#3: Star Trek XI

#2: Back to the Future 

#1: Back to the future II

Back to The future review

Movie riddles

Movie riddles: for the ones who loves movies

Movie riddle #1 
Clue #1 It’s a Sci - Fi movie.
Clue #2 It takes place in a spaceship that travel arround the galaxy.
Clue #3 William Shatner is in there.
Clue #4 When a destructive space entity is spotted approaching Earth, the Admiral of the spaceship resumes command in order to intercept, examine and hopefully stop it. .
Clue #5 In the end, they stop the entity understanding what it want.

Movie riddle #2
Clue #1 It’s a drama movie.
Clue #2 It takes place in New York.
Clue #3 Sean Connery is in it.
Clue #4 It’s about a young man from the bronx who meets an Scotish writer who was disapered.
Clue #5 In the end, get a scolarship in a private school and moved to the writers house.

Movie riddle #3
Clue #1 It’s a comedy/drama  movie.
Clue #2 It takes place in South Carolina county.
Clue #3 Tom Hanks is in it.
Clue #4 A not intelligent man, has accidentally been present at many historic moments, but his true love, eludes him.
Clue #5 In the end, he saw his love dieying and she gave him her son an he convert into the child's father.